“I can't express how happy I am with the final proofs!  I'm game for a shoot any time you need a model”.  - Colleen

“There are so many photos I love. They look great even unedited. There's about 65 or so that I really like. I love the out-takes with the dog/horse! It's refreshing to have some smiling photos when I'm so used to my photo shoots being very serious. Smiling=not encouraged. Tell Rita thanks.   - Carrie

“I like them sooo much – they’re beautiful. I can’t wait to see the finished product. You guys are great, and Jenny’s input was very helpful as well. You’ve got a good family team. I really had a wonderful time, thank you so, so much.” - Lacey

“Amazing photographers and I loved working with them!! I got a lot of different looks and tons of beautiful pictures for my portfolio. Thank you folks a lot for your professional work.”  - Zoya

“Overall, an unforgettable experience, Pat! ” – Alex

"You two are so great to work with! I love the dynamic of having both of you. The photographer focuses on making a perfect picture, while Rita can focus on helping me look perfect!" - Liz

"Thank you Pat and Rita so much. I'm completely happy with the images we captured together. You have a gorgeous home and family. Thank you for your hard work and for getting me images so soon!  I know we will work together very soon!!!
BTW thanks for the hot cocoa - it hit the spot!!" – Samantha